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The success of a massive yoyo campaign lieson 4 fundamental pillars: .

1 + 2 = Global Yoyo Promotions

Depending on the size of the campaign to be launched, our company will designate 1 to 2 Campaign Managers , Assistants to Management and Professional Champions.

  • The Campaign Manager will plan the execution of the campaign and the logistics.
  • He will arrive in your country 2 ˝ months before the launch of the campaign.
  • He will do the mapping, routes, and prepare the information packets of the country for the champions.
  • He will coordinate the distribution of your company’s yoyos.
  • He will process permits and coordinate all details of the campaign.
  • He will coordinate the entire campaign with the champions.

3 = YourCompany

This part of the process must be covered by your company. Based on the campaign concept, our team can serve as models for the production of the promotional material. The creation of promotional spots, banners, billboards, printed advertising, etc., must be done by your company.

4 = YourCompany

This part of the campaign process must be covered by your company, but due to our vast experience in campaigns all over the world, our Campaign Manager will work with you advising your company in order to optimize the distribution process.